Friday, August 30, 2013

Old 1st Term Work

1st term at Art Center was a transformative experience - the 14 weeks where you transition from human to robot. Overall a pretty unfortgettable, brutal semester, 1st term also happens to be the time when my hard drive was stolen (lock your doors everyone). Here are the remains

Tesla project:
-15-18 1/5 scale BUMSUK BLUE drawings a week for 10 weeks
-The one remaining page from my scholarship portolfio
-I tried to photoshop a car with VERY limited success

For the final, the car was supposed to imply aerodynamicism. Pretty proud of the progress I made!

Worked on a helmet for Study Models made of 3ply paper & scotch tape. Insectoid robot samurai?

For the final project, I prepared a spaceship that was resting on it's charging dock. Featuring a rotating turret on top & massive laser canon on the bottom, the ship was supposed to be a "one shot bomber". It would fly close to an enemy and fire a single, extremely powerful round, and immediately thereafter head back to it's charging station to recuperate. 

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